Being Immersed and The Flow Theory

Being fully engaged in something at the age of 21 is a very tough task for my self, as well as probably several of my peers. It is quite obvious that every student has a class that they just do not like going, or they may have something that they just do not like. For example, cutting grass, doing laundry, homework, you see where I’m going with this. However there are times where I find my self very engaged in the task at hand. Being engaged with a task often means truly liking what it is that one is doing. I for example really find my self engaged with creating new ideas or new things. When it is time to actually crack down and come up with ideas for something I find my self fully engaged. I can describe my mindset as it is in 5th gear, and my brain thinks at ease and not by force. This is an example of something that is semi academic, however other things but my in a flow state like working on cars and fishing. 

I find that whenever I am told to come up with a new idea or solution I am in an engaged state of mind, and my thoughts become more creative and genuine. It is safe to say that I am in a flow state when I am doing something that I truly enjoy, and am doing an activity because I truly like it. Not only does an activity put me in a flow state but also conversation. If I am talking to someone about the newest lamborghini (check it out), or a topic relating to entrepreneurship, but really anything I have a real interest in I find my self  fully immersed in the conversation and in a feeling of energized focus.

Thats all I have for this post, and its now on to the next one. 



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